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Plate cooler

Plate cooler

Plate cooler is a thermal plate exchanger. It is commonly used in the dairy industry for cooling and in other food and chemical industries for heating or cooling the product. The plate cooler manufactured by Steel machinery sabalan has a high efficiency for the cooling process and has met all hygienic and food conditions and their applications include dairy, food industries, beverage industries, and other hygienic processes. The special design of the cooler plate allows you to update and, if necessary, upgrade it.

Processing Milk and Drinks

Milk cooler

The process of juice

Oil and Gas Industries

Ice water temperature: 25 -10 C

Design temperature: IOOC

Working pressure: 2.5- 3bar

Major parts and components:

Fixed form: 304 AISI

Press Frames: 316 AISI

Heat exchanger (plate): plate, 316 AISI

Gasket type: EPDM or NBR from AISI 316