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HoneyHoney filling machine

Honey filling machine

The process of filling sticky materials such as honey, jams or concentrated liquids has a particular complexity. This complexity is due to the adhesion of the material So that if the machine does not have a heater system, and material is not hot during filling this will stop the work and will cause waste in the production system. Honey filling machine is automatic and piston cylinder that equipped with a double-wall reservoir and suitable for packaging different types of materials similar to honey. In the honey filling machine, the injection rate of the material can be controlled by different mechanisms and the number of nozzles or expected volumes are variable. Inside the reservoir wall, a thermal mechanism is used to heat the substance to give it a liquid state. The temperature is also adjustable.

Honey filling machine is available in various capacities and is also adjustable to fill.

  • It has a suitable conveyor belt to move containers and performing automatic cycle of the machine
  •  The efficiency of the piston cylinder system for material injection
  • Use the actuator valve on the nozzles
  • Use the timer to adjust the amount of material loss
  • Use the timer to adjust the amount of pouring material
  • Automatic / semi-automatic closing
  • Usability in a variety of bottles and glass containers

Honey is a valuable foodstuff that comes with great effort and should be packed in a container that does not reduce its value. The dish material is plastic and in case of sunlight, it gets less damage to the product. The door of the glass container is metal and is much better sealed and no pollution is absorbed by honey. If you fill the honey in a jar, it will not be a problem. But in plastic containers that contain certain special polymeric materials, the health risks of irreversible damage cause to some cancers in the body.                    

The jar is used in the kitchen after taking and finishing the honey. But most of the plastic containers are in the trash bin after using them, and they are not suitable for the environment at all.