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Steel machinery Sabalan Company

Steel machinery Sabalan Company with many years of experience in creating advanced systems, designing, producing and manufacturing of food industry machines, is fully sanitized with high efficiency and profitable for its respectable customers in the country as well as in foreign countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Turkey and so on is as one of the most reliable and important companies in the field of industrial and commercial activities. Service and after-sales services are an essential part of the comprehensive quality assurance provided by observers and representatives of the Steel machinery Sabalan Company for customers throughout Iran. If you would like to cooperate, please notify us the requests and type of machinery that you want.  Thank you so much for your attention and regarding.

Field of Activities:

  1. Processing and packaging line for pasteurized, homogenized and sterile dairy products such as milk, yogurt, sour, cheese, pizza cheese, cream curd and etc.
  2. Processing and packaging line for jam and honey.
  3. Processing and packaging line for carbonated soft drinks.
  4. Equipped milk collection center with ice bank, plate cooler and central washing system.
  5. Preparation of food machinery in and out of country according to the need 
  6. Installation and startup of stoke machineries.
  7. Installation and starting up of production line machines


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