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Single-walled or two-shell Storage Tanks

Single-walled or two-shell Storage Tanks: Designing and manufacturing of steel storage tanks are based on hygienic standards In the dairy industry, storage tanks are used for various purposes, which, in terms of capacity, can be installed inside and out (duplex) of the unit  which In two-layer tanks, we insulate the gap between the wicker with fiber glass.

Storage tanks are used for short-term storage of raw milk, standardized milk, pasteurized milk (after pasteurization), cheese water, other liquids and mixing operations during the production process.

Silo tanks are used as a single wall to maintain fluids that do not have temperature changes affecting its quality, and bilayer silos are used to hold fluids that require constant temperature inside the tank. They are made of two types of steels AISI 304, and AISI 316 which AISI304 is used to maintain edible liquid, and AISI 316 to maintain certain fluids, such as acids and chemicals.

Temporary storage tanks are used to store products in short-term. Usually, after the heat treatment and cooling the milk, it is first pumped to a temporary tank and then directed to the fillers.

Specifications: Made from stainless steel 304-316 AISI' Agitator CIP Thermal control system, Control lever Stainless steel ladder and etc.