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Milk Pasteurization Machin


Pasteurization is one of the most important processes of heat treatment on milk and other dairy products, which makes them durable and fresh. If this operation is done correctly, the pasteurization milk will last a long time and eliminate common pathogens between humans and animals. The temperature and time of pasteurization are important factors that need to be carefully considered so that the quality of milk is high and lasting.

In the continuous pasteurization process: Thermal treatment is performed in such a way that microorganisms and all harmful bacteria are eliminated without damaging the product. In this method, the milk is first warmed up to 72 ° C and kept at this temperature for 16 seconds, then it cools rapidly to 4 ° C. The temperature varies between 72 ° C and 75 ° C and the time required for pasteurization is 15 to 20 seconds depending on the production conditions and product characteristics.

 The pasteurizer device is not just an independent device and requires pasteurization to be carried out in order to make the pasteurization process as efficient as possible. To do this process, you need a boiler as a heating source and a cooling tower as a refrigeration source. The pasteurized device is made of three blocks, of which it is of stainless steel 316 or 304. The plate used for the best foreign brands has a PLC screen, which can be used as a central controller for pasteurized, homogeneous and degasser devices to control. 

Use the thermometer to display the temperature of the boiler and cool water, control the temperature of the steam through the delta thermometer.

Steam part control is indirectly monitored through a Berz plate machine to the European brand of a vapor control valve.

Stainless steel pumps and other parts are the best brands.

Pasteurization Machine is produced by steel machine Sabalan Company in two cases automatically and semi-automatic in different capacities and supplied to domestic and foreign customers.