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Milk, cream, and dairy homogenizer

Milk, cream, and dairy homogenizer

Homogeneity is a standard industrial process in dairy industry. The purpose is to break down fatty molecules into smaller sizes to spread throughout the entire milk alike. This device through the pores eliminates the state of stickiness and spread the milk cream uniformly inside the liquid. The proteins contained in the milk stick around these small components and prevent them reconnecting together.  Therefore, milk cells always stay suspended in the milk and do not interconnect together. Homogenized is just done in order to prevent the separation of fat from milk and improve its taste.

 Advantages of this device:

Avoid removing cream or fat from milk.

Doing mechanical steps on the milk to prevent collecting the cream on the surface of the milk.

Making the cream uniformly inside the milk and spreading it uniformly inside the milk.

Avoid sticking fat cells inside the milk to each other.

Making specific cream and delicious taste inside the milk. 

 High shelf life

Homogenizer components:

Frame is made of steel head, pressure control gauges, electrometers, damper and gearbox.

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